Are You a Young Professional? Here Are 3 Reasons Why The Construction Industry Is Perfect For You

Are you a young professional? If you are, the construction industry in the US is a terrific industry for you to enter into for three reasons.

For the past few decades, the construction industry has been aging.  Rapidly.  Between 1985 and 2014, the average age of a construction worker in the US rose from 36 to 43.  The reasons for this rise are numerous, but one thing that stands out as a major contributor is the loss of construction jobs after the 2006-2007 housing collapse.  In the image below, you can see that the workers who lost the most jobs were young workers (age 16-29).

Construction Employment By Age

Source: Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement

Those jobs never came back even though the construction industry has rebounded and reached pre-bubble levels once again, creating a fantastic opportunity for young workers.

Here are the 3 reasons why young people should think about getting their next job with a builder:


The baby boomer generation, currently running most of the management positions in the construction industry, is reaching retirement age.  As they retire, it will create a need for young professionals to step into management roles.


More and more, technology is playing a larger role in the construction industry.  From drones to mobile apps, workers in the construction industry are using new technologies to improve efficiency and profitability.  Younger workers entering the construction industry will have a much easier time adopting these new technologies and using them on a daily basis, which will rapidly move them up the ranks. 


America has an infrastructure problem.  It’s in dire need of a huge update from coast to coast and politicians are going to be forced to tackle this problem with major spending in the construction industry to make sure no more bridges collapse.

The construction industry is going to be responsible for rebuilding America’s aging infrastructure at a time when the industry’s business owners and senior managers will be retiring.  It presents a fantastic opportunity for young workers who join its ranks, adopt new technologies quickly, and move up into those senior level positions.

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Justin NolanJustin Nolan is the Director of BuildingBlok Solutions at The Blue Book Network. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2004 with a degree in History. After a few years in finance he moved over to Hill International as an assistant project manager. In 2007, he founded BuildingBlok, an online construction management software system, to help make the construction process more efficient.

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